SAVE ASSYRIA FRONT :Meetings with European Foreign Ministers.

Meetings with European Foreign Ministers, High officials and Representatives of European member States in the EU”s Parliament and Commission

in Brussels ( Bruxcelles ) – Belgium 30th January to 4th February 2012.

AUIAF after receiving invitations and confirmation in December 2011 and it was reconfirmed in early January 2012, for attending meetings at

the time where EU’s Council of Foregin Ministers and few head of European States were all gathering in Brussels. Meetings began Monday 30th

of January at the 11th hour AM with the Honorable Dr. CHRISTINA KONAKAKIS Minister Plenipotentiary head of political Department of the Permanent Representation of Austria to the European Union and Ms. Sandra Kowald first Secretary.

Second meeting was with the honorable Dr. Struan Stevenson President of the Iraq Delegation at his office in the main Building of the European

Parliament in Brussels next to Radisson Blu EU Hotel, where Mr. Elias Yalda sg of AUIAF and Save Assyria Front was staying during his stay in Brussels.

In the afternoon of that very day two meetings were held by Mr. Yalda at the abovementioned Hotel with two Ministers of the EU States supporters

of the sacred Plight of the Assyrians in occupied Assyria ( Today’s north of Iraq ), Furkono’s representative joined this meeting as well.

And the last meeting was held with Ms. Thisvi E. Newson Iraq Desk of the European External Action Service of EU’s Commission at main building.  Our delegation from Australia, Europe and two youth members of AAB were brought to join this delegation to learn about ways of conducting

such high profile meetings for the plight of the Assyrian people in their historical-ancestral homeland in North of today-Iraq.

AUIAF / Save Assyria Front -Australia & New Zealand

FURKONO – Europe Office

AAB – Belgium and an affiliate of Furkono

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